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Medical vehicles

Medical vehicles

In cooperation with German and Italian partners, a product of high quality and top design has been developed. Installed materials comply with the requirements that medical vehicles must meet.

Ambulance vehicles and sanitary vehicles, meet all the requirements of the standard HRN EN 1789: 2015, as well as the Standard of the medical car issued by the Croatian Institute of Emergency Medicine. The safety of emergency medical staff has been tested in the most difficult conditions and dynamic test results are available - crash test, for the basic vehicle variants we offer.

Furthermore, we manufacture vehicles for the transport of the disabled in cooperation with the most famous manufacturer of equipment and elevators for this type of transport. In this way, the required safety of traffic participants is ensured, as well as the ease of manipulation of persons in the vehicle.

Special products:

• ambulance vehilces (emergency vehicles type B)

• sanitary vehicles (emergency vehicles type A)

• vehicles for the transport of the disabled

• vehicles for the transport of children with disabilities

• Airport support vehicles for wheelchair boarding and cattering services

• vehicles for transporting the deceased


Vehicles for the transport of the disabled

Vehicles for transporting the deceased



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